Customer Reviews

“I just received my WWII officer’s crusher cap.  I am truly impressed.  Materials and workmanship are top notch.  The chocolate color matches my original in every way.  I’ll proudly wear this cap for a long time to come.”   –   Bob N.

“My husband is a WWII reenactor and is super picky about everything looking exact.  He was extremely impressed!  He had always wanted a crusher cap but could never find one that was authentic looking and reasonably priced.  So glad I found your site!  You have excellent customer service and I will definitely be recommending your site to other reenactors!  Thanks again for the great experience. :)”  –  Tori G.

“I wanted to let you know that I love the crusher hat.  I received it Saturday.  Fits like a glove.  And one of the best purchases I have made in a long, long time.  Thanks for a great item.”   –   John D.

“The hat is beautiful.  I like how well and tightly sewn together it is on the inside and all the sides.  The leather feels and looks very nice with a good color also.  Wearing the crusher is very comfortable, too.  All in all I would say the hat is a real one.  Great job.”   –   Travis F.

“The hat looks great.  Thank you again for a great product.”   –   Shane V.

“The cap arrived yesterday and I must say that I am extremely impressed!  The fit is great and the construction and workmanship is outstanding.  Thank you!”   –   Allen G.

“I just received my pink crusher the other day in the mail, and it was well worth the wait!  The quality of materials used is easy to spot over a lot of other repros out there.  The fabric is the correct weight, they run true to size, and the leather is real, not synthetic junk.”  –  Steven M.

“Absolutely beautiful!  Superior quality and workmanship compared to what is offered by other vendors.  Will definitely be purchasing more of these.  My recommendation…  BUY ONE OF THESE HATS!!!!!”   –   Chase A.

“I got the hat today.  EXACTLY as I had ordered it, semi-flex visor but otherwise floppy.  The satin lining is awesome, the size is perfect, material is lightweight and droops over the edge like it should, sewing and construction is top notch!”   –   Matt S.

“Just wanted to let you know that I got my hat last week, and am extremely pleased with it.  It fits perfectly, and you did a FANTASTIC job on it!  Thank you so much.”   –   Maury H.

“The hat arrived today; all I can say is I am blown away!  It fits perfectly and the craftsmanship is unreal.”  –  Andrew G.

“Awesome cap.  Can’t wait to order another.”  –  Michael A.

“This hat is killer!  Very well done and just like an original.  Fast shipping!  5 stars.”  –  Jarrod F.

“Very good to deal with.  Great hat.”  –  Mark D.

“I received the cap today.  I am beyond pleased!  The quality of the material and craftsmanship are outstanding.  Society Brand Hat Company is still “The Finest Cap in the Service.”  Any officer of the period would have been proud to wear this cap.  Thanks to you and the people who made the cap for me.  Please let everyone responsible know I am very appreciative of their efforts.”   –   Justin G.

“I received my cap the other day, and I couldn’t be happier, it’s perfect!  The craftsmanship and details are amazing.  Thanks again and I look forward to doing business again.”   –   Justin C.